WVIP Client Granted DNA Testing Family Hopeful DNA Will Prove WVIP Client’s Innocence

Charles "Manny" Kilmer

WVIP Students with Charles Kilmer's family following the hearing for DNA evidence testing

Charles “Manny” Kilmer has been granted DNA testing, to be performed by the FBI, in order to determine the true perpetrator of the murder of Sharon Lewis.  In December 2014, the FBI contacted Manny Kilmer and Prosecutor Chris Quasbarth to disclose that the FBI examiner who testified at Manny’s trial made errors that “exceeded the limits of the science” of hair microscopy.  An important federal government report on forensic science concluded that there is “no scientific support for the use of hair comparisons for individualization” and hair microscopy is “of limited probative value.”  Mr. Kilmer’s motion for DNA testing was recently granted, and the evidence is being sent to the FBI, who offered to test the evidence free of cost.