Nathaniel Barnett

Nathaniel Barnett enjoying food

County of Conviction: Cabell
Convicted of: 2nd Degree Murder 
Ultimate Sentence: Voluntary Manslaughter
Time served: 8 years
WVIP Involvement: Client

Nathaniel Barnett was convicted of second degree murder in 2008 in Cabell County along with his brother, Phillip Barnett, and Justin Black. All three defendants have always maintained their innocence. Since the conviction, the court has granted DNA testing to all three defendants, which can exonerate all of them. Nathaniel Barnett is represented by the West Virginia Innocence Project, Phillip Barnett is represented by the national Innocence Project, and Justin Black is represented by the Exoneration Project.  Post-conviction DNA testing is a tool which is often used by the West Virginia Innocence Project to overturn wrongful convictions. 

Learn more about the role of DNA in this case by reading an article about the Barnett brothers written by the Innocence Project. 

Case updates: 

Read the article "DNA technology points to new suspect in 16-year-old murder case" by Cabell County's WSAZ News

Nathan's brother has recently been released from prison. Read the article here